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We do not think of you as gone, Your journey's just begun. Life holds so many facets, This earth is only one. Just thinking of you as resting, From the sorrows and the tears, In a place of warmth and comfort, Where there are no days and years. Thinking of you as living, In the hearts of those you touched, For nothing loved is ever lost, And you are loved so much. ~ Beverley Ann (Monson) Stratton May 12th 1948 - April 9th 2002
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Want to learn more about Beverley and the begining of Beverleys-Fund? Click here to watch clips from the video , and to order a copy.
Why is humane research more effective , and just what is it? Click here to learn more.
Recently began dealing with cancer? Either of your own or a close ones? Click here to find out about support. For those who have lost loved ones due to cancer , visit here for information on grief and support.
Beverleys Fund is a project of CIAI , to keep the memory of Beverley strong , to help strengthen the battle for the cure by promoting and supporting humane and life-saving cancer research , and by remembering the many lives it has touched , and the many lives it has taken.100% of your donations go to humane research organizations and supporting facilities.