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Is dissection really science education , or just a lesson in cruelty? Millions of animals are stolden , bred and bought to be sent off to dissection labs around the globe. Jeffery Dahlmer once said before his excution , when asked what drove him to kill .. "When I was a kid , we dissected bull frogs in class. I enjoyed it so much , I went on to cats , then dogs , and well just kept getting bigger and bigger. "
With todays technology , dissection is really a thing of the past , and for most students , something that they will never do. AFA's School Awareness Project , hopes to educate students , teachers and parents alike , of cruelty in the name of education , and it's alternitives.
Nick is a young , male , shepard/husky mix. Who needs a patient gaurdian to give him the love he has for so long done without. He is currently awaiting a home in Northern Virginia.
Force molting , debeaking , abuse , and being boiled alive , are fears that chickens face everyday , AFA raises a deaf ear to this ubsurd cruelty - with a campaign focusing on the mistreatment of chickens on todays factory farms.
With the recent incidents regarding Arteeka canine control in Fergus , ON , AFA asks that we take a moment to remember Tyson , who lost his life with the townships consent to a class B dealer. You can read Tyson's story , as well as find out more about our campaign by clicking here.
Kia , One of AFA's canine activist barks about the dangers of todays dog foods , and promotes vegan dogs! Kia , along with her gaurdian , AFA President Donna Adams , can be found handing out AFA's leaflets , and catching alot of canine attention!