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The Animal Freedom Alliance (AFA) is an International Grassroots , non-profit animal rights organization , Dedicated to Protecting , Saving and enforcing the rights of all animals. Through legislation , one of a kind campaigns , colorful educational materials , rescue , special events and direct action , AFA fights for the rights of every animal , in every world.
AFA's strength is our dedicated activists & volunteers who work tirelessly world wide on behalf of animals. Holding demonstrations , protests , rescuing strays , fostering the homeless , and educating the public.
Working with individual communities , to cities and across the globe , AFA belives that animals are not ours to eat , use for entertainment , to wear or to use in
experiments. Working on such major issues as factory farming , and animal labs , to pet overpopulation and cruelty , every single animal is important , and so is every single action that is taken. AFA is a non-profit organization compiled of volunteers and activists. All of our profits come 100% from your generous donations for the animals. We receive no goverment funding or grants. Through our high profile events , foster and rescue programs and continuing educational information , AFA fights animal exploitation and abuse , in all it's forms.
Dear Activists , Volunteers , and Friends ,
First of all I want to thank you for coming to this site , and listening for the animals.
These sure are exciting times for AFA! Our brand new office is under construction , we are begining some of our very first investigations , have sent out a record number of vegan information packs , and made a strong movement with our rodeo campaign , as well as have had some strong changes to our organization. Thank you to all of our wonderful activists , and volunteers who work so very hard 24-7 to fight animal abuse and cruelty with AFA , and thank you to all who donated , adopted , fostered and supported AFA this past year. As another year gains on us , AFA has big plans , dreams and hopes. And with our amazing team , I am confident that they will come true.
I must say I have truly met some amazing animals , and some truly amazing people as well in the passing year , and worked along side with some of the most dedicated activists you will find.
With most people not realizing or wishing to acknowledge the treatment of animals , used for food , experimentation , entertainment , and fashion , as well companion animals , captive animals and senior strays who are euthanized at shelters each day , it is imperitive that we work hard , and strong on the animals behalf. I also urge you to support other amazing organizations working for animals and their rights around the globe , together we can make a diffrence and we can make possitive change.
Once again , thank you so very much , and I look forward to working with you.
For the animals -