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Roadside Zoos


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Roadside zoos run a deplorable gamut from small merageries where animals are kept in barren cages constructed of concrete and metal bars to larger collections with animals confined in compounds surrounded by chain link fencing. They are usually privetly owned. The focus is on amusing customers , rather than on meeting the needs of the animals.

The AZA -accredited Wildlife World Zoo , which features , 1,400 animals "upclose and personal" , had several inspectionsin 1998 and 1999 , where USDA inspectors found numerous deaths , animals in desperate need of veterinary care, and filthy inclosures. The emaciated carcass of an antolope who had died at least 36 hours earlier was discovered in a pasture. A llama without shelter from the sun died of heat stroke. Three black bucks and an emaciated zebra , frightened by storms and unable to escape to safety , died from running into fences.

Most small roadside zoo's are kept in even poorer conditions. Since the costs of owning and keeping the animals is so high , their care is oftly not inportant , and not taken care off. Shade , fresh water , fresh food , proper fencing , proper housing , and safety is not provided for these animals , who suffer neglect , abuse , and exploitation.

Health experts warn that roadside petting zoos are notorious for infecting children with potentionally lethal bacteria. In September and October of 2000 , as many as 62 children became infected with e-coli after visiting a petting zoo in Washington state. In August 2000 health officals suspected that contact with petting zoo animals at the Medina county fair in northwestern Ohio , sickened 34 people with e-coli. In 1999 approximently 160 people came down with intestional illness after touching petting zoo animals at the Western fair , Near London , Ontario.

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