Greyhound Racing


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The greyhound racing industry breeds approximently 50,000 puppies a year. Of these animals only 15,000 become racing dogs. The rest are "retired" used as breeding stock , or in a more likely scenario , shot and destroyed. The racing industry also sells thousands of dogs , thought unfit for racing to labratories , which experiment on animals. Thus , greyhound racing functions not only as a "sport" and gambling enterprise , but as a breeding facility for cruel vivisection practices.

Dogs that become racing animals do not live less cruel lives. Several thousand rabbits , and other small animals die yearly during the training of greyhounds. Trainers use these small animals as live bait , exhorting greyhounds to chase the animals around a track in order to simulate race conditions. Trainers allow dogs to catch and destroy these bait animals , that are no longer able to run effectivly.

Dogs that have no propensity to kill are placed in cages at close quarters with rabbits. The trainers than deny the dogs food , starving them , until hunger drives them to kill their caged companions. In this way trainers awaken bloodlust in dogs that are non-violent by character.

Greyhounds that actually become racers live in small cages , usually no greater than 3 feet in diameter. Handlers remove them from their cages only rarely , to go to the bathroom, and for infrequent races , during the course of a week.

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