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Cedar Bridge Farm
and Trails End Rabbit Refuge  
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Cedar Bridge Farm is home to rescued goats, sheep, horses, chickens, llamas, and rabbits that have come to us malnourished, injured, abused, afraid, and often ill. The animals are given medical attention, and placed on special diets, and are offered permanent sanctuary here to live out the rest of their days in peace and security.
It is also home to Trails End Rabbit Refuge which offers a safe home to surrendered and homeless rabbits. Please click here to find out about surrendering a rabbit, and to find out more about Trails End.
Spring 2007 Update
We are at maximum capacity for farm animals at this time. We are in deserpate need of donations to help with our Veterinary bills. When an animal arrives at the farm they always need care, often surgery, along with needles, exams, worming, sometimes x-rays, etc. Our maitnence Vet costs are much easier to manage. All of the money for the sanctuary is out of pocket. Right now 100% of it. A donation of any kind to help towards our medical costs would make the world of a difference for us and our animals.
This summer we will be able to build our barn! We can't wait. The barn will primarily house the rabbits and horses. We are currently in the process of getting our summer pasture fences up. If you think you might be able to lend a hand building a rabbit hutch, or hanging wire, please let us know!
Bucket (shown above) and Hilda, a Nigerian dwarf and a Pygmy goat have just arrived at the farm. They are terribly emaciated, have mites and worms, and Hilda has a very large abcess on her stomach. We are hoping our Veterinarian is going to be able to remove it safely and that that is the only problem we find. Neither of them have been out of an enclosure in months and were in Heaven when they were set loose in the paddock to play in the grass and eat hay and everything else they could find! They are both lovely sweet little goats. Hilda is a little shy because she has been badly abused, but even she is coming around quickly knowing she is safe. I am hoping these little goats will have a bright future here and that they will enjoy many years running in the fields and eating apples.
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