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People for Animal Welfare & Safety (PAWS) is an international non-profit animal rights organization dedicated to protecting, saving and enforcing the rights of all animals.
Through intensive campaigns , dedicated activists , education , lititure and rescue , PAWS works to stop animal  suffering , wherever it occurs , from the chained dog in the yard , to the caged tiger at the circus.
Recent PAWS accomplishments have included Forcing roadside zoo's to clean up their act , Preventing a purposed running of the bulls , and supplying over 200 bags of pet food , to six diffrent animal shelters across the country.
Every PAWS member , activists and friend , is dedicated to helping all animals , and preventing their suffering. World Wide PAWS Activists work everyday to help animals. From Canada to Australia , PAWS works around the globe ,and around the clock.
As PAWS grows , so do our goals , our accomplishments , our dreams , and our hearts. With every animal that is saved , a little pieace of hope is light up.
With the motto , "Cruelty free , is the only way to be" PAWS works to promote a cruelty free , vegan lifestyle , to young and old.
If there's an animal in pain , in need , or afraid , we'll be there. If there's an animal , lost , hurt , or sad , we'll be there. For every animal. In every world.
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Dear animal lovers , activists , and friends ,
Animals have always been my strength in life , they have always been my rock , and my reason for holding on. The abuse , suffering and pain that they have inflicated upon them every single day in todays world , is what made me found PAWS , another chain in the fight against animal abuse and cruelty.
When I was 13 , I met someone that changed me forever. His name was Sabastion. He was a border collie , whom I had adopted from a local animal shelter. He taught me , showed me and gave me , so much in our short time together , more than a lifetime of living could possibly do. Sabastion is the reason behind PAWS , and our strenght as an organization , I truly belive. In his name PAWS founded The Sabastions Hope Foundation , just this year.
As it seems the fight for animal cruelty will never end , PAWS works harder for the day when their tears will be shed no more. Along side with wonderful organizations such as PETA , Farm Sanctuary and IDA , PAWS is proud to be a strong part in the fight to end their suffering.
The continuous strenght behind PAWS , is our dedicated activists around the globe , who work tiredlessly to make a diffrence. Without them PAWS is nothing , and our voice is silent. We couldn't be doing all that we are , without all of our activists , friends , supporters , and members.
I want to thank you as well , for coming to this site today and taking a little time out to listen for the animals. Their voice is becoming a whisper now , and I do belive the day will come , when it is heard loud , and clear.
For the animals ,
Donna , and Stimpy