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Protest Pheonix Zoo's rabbit and rodent killing contests-
According to the employee, "[I]t has been routine practice for more than a year for a few zoo workers to use rocks to stone rabbits to death. Sometimes they shoot rabbits with an air rifle and, on at least one occasion, tortured a rabbit by nailing it to a makeshift stick cross." Deputy Director Ralph Piland denies that zoo employees were using air rifles or rocks to kill rabbits either before or after the trapping contest this past July. However, given the overwhelming similarity between reports received by our office in May 2000, those recently received by reporter John Allman of the Phoenix New Times, and the description of the zoos appalling trapping contest, its clear that the zoo chose not to acknowledge and address a serious problem brought to its attention more than a year ago.
Please contact Jeff Williamson and demand the Phoenix Zoos assurance in writing that it will never again organize such an event or anything remotely similar to it and request that he conduct a serious investigation into the treatment of wildlife at the zoo.
Jeff Williamson, Director
The Phoenix Zoo
455 N. Galvin Pkwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Tel.: 602-914-4324
Fax: 602-273-7078
Stop tax subsity for greyhound racing -
With less than a month to go before the Massachusetts legislature adjourns for 2001, greyhound racetracks are making a final push for a $7 million annual tax subsidy from the state.
So far, greyhound protection activists have been able to prevent final passage of this legislation (H 4261), which would further subsidize greyhound racing in Massachusetts. Because of recent economic developments, lawmakers are now reconsidering these racetrack tax subsidies.
Please call and write governor swift and members of the conference committee responsible for this racetrack bill today and urge them not to give dog tracks a $7 million annual tax subsidy. Your calls and letters have been instrumental in efforts to prevent the passage of these subsidies so far. Some points to make:
With our economy weakening, we should not be giving wealthy dog-track owners a multimillion-dollar tax break.
Greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane. An estimated 20,000 dogs are killed each year by the dog-racing industry.
Dog racing is not a good investment for the state. Racetrack revenues have declined steadily for more than 10 years.
Please contact:
The Honorable Jane Swift
Governor of Massachusetts
State House
Rm. 360
Boston, MA 02133
Tel.: 617-727-9173
Fax: 617-727-9725
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Help save Little Shelter -
Little Shelter , run out of New York , needs your help to keep their doors open to their hundreds of animals , please click here to make a donation to help.
Help Ban cruel calf-roping -
Every national animal protection organization is opposed to rodeos because of their inherent cruelty. While wed like to see an end to such exploitative events altogether, were embarking on a campaign to eliminate the most egregious cruelty in them, calf-roping. Calves, running at speeds of up to 27 miles per hour, are jerked off their feet by a rope slung around their necks and then slammed to the ground. The calves may suffer paralysis, throat and neck injuries, and broken bones. Many die. Calves have become paralyzed from severe spinal cord injury, and their tracheas have been totally or partially severed. On December 9, 2000, in Las Vegas at last years PRCA National Finals Rodeo, a calf was removed on a stretcher after having been severely injured. Please contact the following rodeo organizations and ask them to ban calf-roping:
Greg Cassidy, President
Canada Pro Rodeo Association
223, 2116-27 Ave. N.E.
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7A6
Tel.: 403-250-7440
Help Turn the Pamplona Running of the Bulls into a Human Race!
Each July, tourists from all over the world travel to Pamplona, Spain, to take part in the festival of San Fermines. The most publicized event of the festival is the daily "running of the bulls," in which frightened bulls are sent, slipping and sliding and falling down, through narrow, twisting cobblestone streets full of shouting, running men. For the people involved, the run is a dare, a chance to prove their machismo. For the bulls involved, the run is their last glimpse of how miserable life is. Most people who travel to Pamplona to watch or run during the day have no idea that the same majestic animals will have sharp sticks stuck into their backs and be hideously slaughtered in the bullring later that night.
Bulls used in bullfights never stand a chance; a recent study found that 20 percent of the bulls are drugged before they step into the ring. These animals also have the muscles in their necks cut, are debilitated with laxatives, and often have petroleum jelly rubbed into their eyes to blur their vision. Then they are exhausted, taunted, and ultimately stabbed to death in the name of tradition.
PETA wants to create a worldwide impetus to change the running of the bulls into a huge, positive "human race" that everyone can join and enjoy. After deciding to end the cruelty involved in bullfighting, the city of Buñel, Spain, now celebrates with La Tomatina, a tomato fight that the whole town participates in. Please write to Pamplona officials and ask that they change the running of the bulls into a human race (an endorsement of this project by your running club would be very helpful as well).
Write to:
Honorable Señora Dña. Yolanda Barcina Angulo (Mayor of Pamplona)
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
Plaza Consistorial
31001 Pamplona
Pamplona Office of Tourism
C/ Hilarión Eslava 1
31001 Pamplona/Iruna
Fax: 011+ (34) 948-207034
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