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PAWS has a number of campaigns focusing on the four major areas of animal abuse - in the food industry , in the entertainment industry , the fashion industry , and in experimentation. Our campaigns also range to saving ferals , and un chaining dogs.
Animals Used for food -
>>Vegan, it's the only way
>>Dump dairy
>>Veg NOW!
>>Fighting Factory Farms
>>Voice for Farm Animals
Animals Used for Entertainment -
>>Buck the rodeo
>>Cruelty under the big top
>>Roadside Prisons
>>Entertain YOURself
Companion animals -
>>Precious Tears
>>Remember Tyson
>>Save a stray
>>Protect Pets
>>Pet Store Secrets
>>Puppy Mill Nightmare
>>Rabbit Rights
Wildlife -
>>Living in harmony with wildlife
>>Wildlife Patrol
>>>Deer Patrol
>>>Bear Patrol
>>Hunting BAN
Programs & Projects -
>>Sabastions Hope Foundation
>>Feral cat program
>>Pet Housing Project
>>Further Programs & Pet related information -
>>Rescue , Investigations -
Animals used in fashion -
>>BAN Fur
>>I want my skin back (leather & exotics)
Animals in labs -
>>P&G Kills
>>Health charities that test on animals
>>March of Crimes
>>Outlaw Vivisection
>>Xeno Truth
>>Product Ban
>>Cut out Dissection
Animals in Captivity -
>>Through their eyes
>>Zoo Check
>>Echoes of Pain
Animals in Crisis -
>>Save Chinas moon bears
>>Stop whaling NOW
>>Helping Koreas cats & dogs
>>Slaughter of the innocents
(Canada seal hunt)
>>Running Free (horses)
>>>Racing to the grave
>>>Save wild horses
>>>Stop horse slaughter NOW