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Shelter workers caught on tape , cruelly killing animals -
The undercover footage shows workers plunging a needle into the sensitive tissue around animals hearts while they are fully conscious, an illegal killing technique condemned by the American Veterinary Medical Association because it causes painful cardiac arrest. Animals are killed in plain view of one another in an assembly-line fashion, dropped, slapped, stepped on, pinned to the ground, left to convulse, and thrown into a wheelbarrow on top of dying and dead animals while they are still alive.
>>Click here to view the video footage
Meat the Butcher -
A local butcher shop located in Mount Forest , ON , will be opening their doors. The shop will be called "Meat the butcher" - joking about the horrific death , and murder of millions of animals each year.
Animals Recovering from WTC disaster-
Click here for a list of shelters in need , and ways you can get involved and help the thousands of homeless animals filling up New York and Washington animal shelters.
Click here to download PAWS BAN Hunting flyer
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