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PAWS Activists world wide are speaking up for animals on fur farms this month..
Bain Laden and leather?
Direct links have been found stating that Osama Bin Laden , owns several leather tanneries.
>>Continued hits the web -
PAWS new website , has finally launched world wide.....
Have a turkey free Thanksgiving!
This Thanksgiving , PAWS is asking that you give turkeys something to be thankful for , too...
PAWS Hunting BAN posters are up in every corner , hopeing to spark peoples attention to the animals shamefully murdered each hunting season....
And we had to say goodbye -
One of the four kittens rescued by PAWS in September , has left us sadly...
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Recent Media Alerts & Releases -
Vigil held for farm animals -
Today PAWS activists around the world lit their candles in hope for the day when factory farms will be nothing more than a sad time in history.
Rescued! -
PAWS rescue has brought home four kittens who were abandoned on a local farm. They are now all resting , and healing under PAWS care.
Our hearts go out -
To all the victims of Sept. 11 , 2001. PAWS prayers are with the victims and their families.
Past Media Alerts & Releases -
PAWS Denies Don't Spray it's support-
A group calling itself "Don't Spray" , whos message is not to neuter or spay your animals , has called on PAWS support , and has been denied our promotion of such an irrisponsible message
PAWS Takes The Veg Pledge -
PAWS Joins Earth Saves , Veg Pledge Campaign...
Buck The Rodeo -
PAWS speaks out against the Dodge Rodeo tour's animal abuse >>Continued