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A tremendous thank-you to all who wrote and pleaded to free Narco, the now 8-year-old former police/drug dog who spent more than a year in a barren outdoor concrete-and-iron pen in Kake, Alaska. After months of persistent encouragement from caring people around the world, officials finally buckled and sold the dog to Kake police officer Joe Johnson for $1,500. Narco was placed with the Johnson family for a few months before he was at long last reunited with his former handler and guardian, Ken Denny.
As you may recall, after being retired, Narco spent more than half a year at Dennys home before being seized and confined to the city pound, removed from all that was familiar and comforting to him and isolated from his "pack." Evidently, Narco was somehow caught in the middle of a dispute between Kake city officials and Ken Denny; one official allegedly went so far as to declare, in open council, that the dog would be shot before being returned to the Denny family.
Never underestimate the power of your pen; your voices made all the difference to Narco, who, we are told, now "sleeps blissfully" at the foot of Dennys bed. Thank you again to all who wrote.