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Stop the Beagle Butcher!
Michal Berens, a cancer researcher at the Barrow Neurological Institute of St. Joseph's Hospital and Health Center in Pheonix AZ, has been torturing and wasting the lives of hundreds of innocent beagle puppies.
First Berens operates on pregnant beagles by injecting cancer cells under the skin of her developing puppies -a procedure that takes anywhere from 4 - 14 hours. However at least 75 percent of the puppies are stillborn or aborted. At approximately six months of age Berens removes the tumors from under the skin of the "survivors" and implants them into their brains via holes drilled into their skulls. Of the estimated 471 dogs used by Berens since 1990, "two successful fetal surgeries and tumor implants have been published and documented." Thus the failure rate of his project is between 95 and 98 percent.
Ask  the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and St. Joseph's , to stop funding these cruel and useless tests , something Arizona State Univirsity has already done. Help put an end to the cruelty!!
Animal tests , not saving lives ,
By Donna Adams
Dear Activists , and friends ,
As most of you know my mother has been very ill with uncurable cancer of the spine , for many years. And I have watched her suffer , and I have watched the blank expressions on the doctors faces when they didn't know what to do next. I have seen the good days , as well as the bad. The days where it seems as if having hope is useless , and the days where it seems as if time will heal all that it has broken.
I know my mother will probably never be cured. But that doesn't stop me for hoping , praying , and believing in the day where people will not suffer anymore.
I have seen a lot of lives taken by cancer , people ravaged and their souls broken , and I have also seen people have victories and beat the battle they have been put out to win.
As someone who has been battling with cancer for so long (my mothers and very many close friends of mine) I know a lot about the pain , the hurt , and the torment , and dedicated alot of my time , to helping the fight for the cure.
But one thing I do not support , and never will is cancer research on animals. I know that taking their lives , will not help my mothers , or any other cancer victims. I know that it's just more lives being wasted ,and I truly feel that if we had put our time and efforts into more effective non-animal tests , we might be much closer to the cure now , than we are. Not one person I know suffering with cancer , would want a single animal to die , for them.
As this subject reaches deep into the depths of my heart , I ask that all of you help put an end to this cruelty and support non-animal tests for cancer research.I also ask that you all support the upcoming Terry Fox Run , and Princess Margret Hospital Foundation , since I have made my home at the hospital for many years , and come to know many of the wonderful people working there.
In closing , My prayers are with the ill , and their families and friends. My prayers are also with all the animals , sitting cold , alone and voicless in labs.
They need you to be their voice. Listen to them , and break their silence.
For the animals ,
Donna Adams ,