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Please help stop the purposed running of the bulls in Arthur , Ontario!
Hundreds of bulls will be aganized , tortured , abused , and injured , at the cost of human entertainment.
Bulls are abused everyday on factory farms , and at the slaughterhouse , and now people want to add another form of cruelty , to their short , and tortureous lives. Just one more stop before the slaughterhouse.
PAWS is asking that the community of Arthur stand up , and say NO to letting cruelty into their town.
"Bringing such cruelty , will be very damaging to the community , but not more so than to the bulls." Said Donna Adams , "How can we teach our children respect for human animals , if we ourselves cannot respect animals. We ask this community to stand up , and say no , to cruelty."
We ask that you do the same.
Click here to read PAWS letter to council.
Click here to send an email to the township