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Pets love Christmas too! All the treats , toys , trees to climb , cookies to eat , theres not much time to rest , with all the things that must be done. The Christmas spirit , the family gatherings , watching , the grinch who stole Christmas , and enjoying the holdiays. But for shelter dogs and cats ,the holdiays aren't so cheerful. With noone to spend it with , or cookies and a tree , shelter animals spirits aren't as high as most dogs and cats are , at Christmas time.
PURRfect Presents , is hoping to bring those spirits just as high as any other dog or cats!
Heres How it works :
Throughout November PAWS will be traveling from craft sale , to craft show , packed with crafts made by our activists and volunteers!!! With Christmas ceramics , animal patterend pillows , PAWS homemade doggie biscuts and more , PAWS will raise money to make "doggie" and "kittie" baskets full of goodies!
Heres where you can help! :
1) You can volunteer ! To host a PURRfect Presents event , or to just help out with one already booked.
2) You can donate , any kind of craft , ceramic , exc , that you have made , or purchased.
3) You can also donate supplies to go in PAWS baskets! Heres what we need :
*Dog toys , cat toys
*Pet brushes
*Dog bones & treats
*Cat treats
*Bags of Dog food (not Iams)
*Bags of Cat food
*Stuffed animals
*Special gifts too!
Please have all your donations in by November 1st.
PURRfect Presents begins , November 8th.
Now get crafty!!
Mail your donations to :
People for Animal Welfare & Safety
PURRfect Presents Project
RR#1 , Con 13 , Conn , Ontario , Canada
Email us for more information.
How else can you help shelter animals , this holiday season??
By adopting ! Or fostering an animal!!
Visit your local Humane Society , OR
Find out who's up for adoption with PAWS , and give someone a loving home this holiday season.