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Thanksgiving , is coming and that means a few things. 1) Family Get-togethers , 2) Yummy meals , 3) The death of millions of turkeys.
How can you still have a yummy Thanksgiving dinner , and save the lives of turkeys??
Go veg!! With so many yummy holiday recipies , you won't even know the diffrence , well .. Except for the fact , there won't be a dead bird on your table!
In todays world , going veg is such an easy swich. Starbucks , serves soy milk ,with their coffee , and you can even get a veggie dog , at the ballpark!! Plus , you'll lower your chances of getting cancer, diabeties , obesity , and completly take yourself of the , heart attack , and stroke list!
Don't forget that the earth will thank you , for helping , it's air , water , and land , stay healthy and green. So will your children , when they have a planet to grow with still.
Thanksgiving is a time , of thanks for all that we have now , and will have in the future.
It's also a time of thanks, for our earth , our health , and our animals!
Save a turkey this Thanksgiving , Go Vegan.
Click here for more information on making the swich.
Click here for information on PETA's Turkey Farm Investigation
Click here for a printable version of PAWS Thanksgiving card