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There will be a new butcher shop in the town of Mount Forest. RIGHT DOWNTOWN! Wanna go for a stroll? Why not stop by the butcher shop , it's right next to the real estate and grocery store , in the heart of downtown Mount Forest , Ontario.
The little shop of horrors , will be named "MEAT THE BUTCHER." Using the fact that animals are tortured , killed and cut up into little pieaces as a joke. But the shop - and it's name , will prove to make the town of Mount Forest - a joke.
"It's one thing to eat meat." Said PAWS president Donna Adams , " But it's another thing to disrespect the lives of those animals even more , by making fun. In such a small quiet community - I never , NEVER thought I would see such ubsurd way of making fun - and enjoying death."
How can you help ??
Go vegan ! It's the only way to make a substancial step towards ending slaughter.
Demonstrate , protest , leaflet , table , Do whatever you can , to get other people to know - that murder , is no joke , and it doesn't taste good.
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