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Compassion In Action International , works for animals and their protection around the world.  CIAI's motto is , "Education , Conservation , Protection." We work through a number of resources to speak out on behalf of animals. Working on such diverse area's as , Factory Farming , to Wetland conservation , and Emergency care , CIAI Acts for animals. As a new organization CIAI looks towards the future , and so far has achieved many goals. CIAI helps where , and whenever it can , from helping shelters feed their animals , to rushing care to animals in crisis , and fighting for tougher cruelty laws.
CIAI's goal is to aid in the International voice for animals , and aid in their Protection , and be a strong arm in the voice against cruelty and abuse. CIAI is a non-profit organization funded solely by the generous donations of our members , volunteers , supporters and compassionate persons around the globe.
Through our High profile events , Rescue efforts , Continuing educational programs , Investigations , Conservation efforts , and strong advocacy , CIAI fights animal abuse and exploitation in all it's forms.
Some of our current projects include our International Spay of the Century program , helping bring animal protection laws into Adalusia , Spain , helping save stray dogs in Romania , fighting horse cruelty in Canada , and working with many organizations , on countless issues around the globe.
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Dear Friends ,
First of all , let me thank you for visiting this website and taking the time to listen on behalf of the animals. 2002 has been a busy year for CIAI , and were all very sure that 2003 will be even more so. Our organization suffered a huge loss this year on April 9th , when Beverley Monson , a dedicated member and advocate , lost her fight with cancer. For all who knew her she was an inspiration and amazing woman , who I'm sure will not be able to be found again. She was as they would say 'one in a million.' In her memory and in her name , CIAI will be establishing 'Beverley's Fund' in 2003 , a program that will work to raise money and awareness for humane cancer research. As we are all excited of this new development , it brings me joy to share it with everyone , especially those who knew her , and how much it would mean to her to be fighting for two very important causes.
CIAI truly is becoming an amazing force against animal cruelty. Without our advocates , animal rescue teams and supporters , however , such a thing would not be possible. And as time goes on , I have no doubt that the animals voices will become louder and much more clearer , until they will finally be 'UNsilenced.' I want to thank everyone , that is working with us , whether you be receiving our emails monthly , or helping us to work towards building sanctuaries around the world , every single one of you help us to make this work possible.
In closing let me quote Mr. Gary Yourofsky , with a saying that has always kept me in action , " I cannot and will not stand
by without choice , I'll decipher their cries , and be their voice.
For the Animals -
Donna Adams
CIAI Director