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A Few EASY ways , to make a BIG diffrence , in animals lives everyday !

[] Leave a trail of leaflets wherever you go - at the laundrymat , in waiting-room reading racks , on the bus , in dressingrooms , exc.

[] Enclose a leaflet with every bill payment.

[] Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (PAWS has copies avalible) about an animal issue : vegetarinism , the circus , vivsection , exc.

[] Take advantage of sugestion boxes and fill in consumer comment cards whenever you see something that helps animals or promotes their mistreatment.

[] Speak Out! Within earshot of the shopper ahead of you in the cheakout line , talk with a friend about that television special you saw on factory farming.

[] Jump into radio call-in discussions. For example , call a health show with information on vegetarianism , or call a show on budget cuts to talk about government subsidies of useless vivsection.

[] Protest animal experiments in your community's classrooms. [ PAWS can help provide materials.]

[] Voice your objection to restraunts and stores that have live lobster tanks.

[] Document and report cruelty wherever you see it - in a store , at the circus , in a neighbors backyard , exc. Contact PAWS for instructions on how to conduct a cruelty investigation.

[] Tell everyone you know about going veg , and the impact it can have on both the animals and their lives!
[] Educate! Most people don't know which of their habits cause animal suffering - or how easy it is to change.

[] Don't shop at pet stores that have live animals , only shop at supply stores.

[] Ask your favorite local restraunt to introduce a few vegan meals , to their menues. (PAWS can provide some recipies.)

[] Set aside an hour every week to write to elected officals , industry executives , or newspaper and magazine editors. Keeping an eye on the news will help you identify topics. Multiply your efforts by throwing a letter-writing party , complete with vegan snacks!

[] Don't let a single fur-wearer pass you buy without giving them a fur card. (write us for a supply)

[] Don't shop in stores that carry fur clothing or accessories. Write to or speak with store managers to let them know why.

[]Fight the permit applications of any new 'pet' shops unless they limit sales to supplies only.

[] Help out your local animal shelters which are always in need of volunteers to walk dogs , play with animals and donate supplies like blankets , kitty litter and food.