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Q: What is PAWS?

A: People for Animal Welfare & Safety (PAWS) Is a not for profit animal rights organization. Not for profit meaning that all our funding is strictly donations , and that we do not recive any goverment funding or grants. We work internationally with our staff of commited volunteers , and hard working activists , to stop animal cruelty , abuse and exploitation in all it's forms.

Q: How does PAWS work to stop animal cruelty?

A: PAWS works through intensive campaigns , humane , and special educational programs , tabling , information centers , protests , boycotts , rallies , world action , letter writing and media , to help make animal abuse , and rights aware , and get people involved in helping end animal suffering. We have campaigns ranging from going vegan , to protecting your pets , and offer educational information on everything from spraying and neutering , to living in harmony with wildlife.

Q: What do you mean by animal rights?

A: Animal rights means that animals deserve a certain kind of consideration - consideration of what is in their best interests regardless of whether they are cute , useful to humans , or an endangered species , and regardless of whether any animals love them at all. It means reconizing that animals are not ours to use for food , clothing , experimentation , or entertaiment.

Q: It's almost inpossible to avoid using all animal products ; if your still causing animal suffering without realizing it , whats the point?

A: It is impossible to live your life without causing some harm ; we've all accidently stepped on ants or breathed in gnats , but that doesn't mean we should intentionally cause unnecssary harm. Just because you might accidently hit someone with your car , is no reason to run over people on purpouse.

Q: What about all the customs , traditions and jobs , that depend on using animals?

A: The invention of the automobile, the abolition of slavery, and the end of world war II all neessitated job retraining and reconstructing. This is simply an ingredent in all social progress - not a reason to deter progress.

Q: Most animals used for fur , food , or experiments are bred for that purpose.....

A: Being bred for a certain purpose does not mean change an animals biological capacity to feel pain and fear.

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