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October 2001

UPDATE: Council decided thanks to the pubilc, not to hold a running of the bulls event in Arthur, Ontario. A small victory for animals!

PAWS recent letter to council was in concerns to the purposed running of the bulls to be held in Arthur Ontario.
PAWS hopes that the right choice will be made in this situation.

"I strongly urge you not to allow forms of cruelty carelessly passed of as "entertainment" into our respectful and peaceful community. There are so many ways we can gather as a community , and enjoy ourselves , without the price of animal abuse." Donna Adams writes , in her letter to council. "Why should we stand for this cruelty in our own backyards?"

You can do your part to stop the running of the bulls , by clicking below to send an email or letter to the township voicing your concerns. PAWS hopes to attend the October 18th town meeting.


PAWS Vigil for farm animals started at 8pm , as members world wide held their candles of hope high for the day that farm animals will suffer no more.

The candles blew gently into the night , as prayers were said around the globe , for our animal friends on factory farms , who suffer from confinment , overcrowding , debeaking , abuse , and disease.

"It's a beautiful thing that we could all gather together in this vigil of hope for them." Said president Donna Adams ,
"We should do this everyday , and everynight. Through our prayers , and our actions."

The vigil was the begining of a chain of world farm animal events held by PAWS members world wide , to continue through out the month of October.

September 2001 -

09.24.01 - Give Turkeys something to be thankful for , this Thanksgiving! -

With Thanskgiving just around the corner , PAWS urges you to think about adapting a cruelty-free lifestyle. Give the turkeys something to be thankful for this Thanskgiving , go vegan!

Please click below for yummy holdiay recipies , animal suffering - free!

- Try Tofuerky!!

09.23.01 - PAWS Refuses to support , Don't Spay-

It came to PAWS attention in a letter from ASAIR that a group calling them selves "don't spay's" intentions are to ban spraying/neutering your animals , saying it takes away from their natural behavior. As they state this , they must agree that , it also produces thousands of homeless , sad , and sick animals , left to live and die on the streets alone. As well as put aging animals at risk for major health problems such as cancer. While fixed animals can still enjoy their "natural" behavior , after being spayed and neuterd , they do not add to the homeless animal crisis, and they are more likely to live a long happy and healthy live. Don't spay had joined PAWS webring , but was removed immedently.

RESCUED ! - 09.13.01 -

PAWS rescue has brought 4 new members to PAWS team !! The four small kittens were found , with their mother lost , cold and soaking wet just off of hwy#9. A fourth kitten , was found in an old washing machine. As hope would have it , a mother cat resting with PAWS has taken him in as her own.

Baja , was found with neck injuries , which were cleaned and now he is recovering greatly. All the kittens were also flea infested , which PAWS volunteers have treated , and cured! The kittens (Joaquin , Baja , Lucious and Venice) are all now healthy and resting under PAWS care.


PAWS keeps the thousands of lost lives , and their families and friends in our prayers. Thousands of people lost their lives , some of whom , were friends and family of PAWS members as well. It is in these events that we have to remember our compassion , for everyone and everything on this earth. Because it is when we loose that , that we become disrupted and angry , beyond anyones imagination.

In this time we must also look to the thousands of now homeless and stranded animals that line New Yorks streets and apartments. PAWS has asked all our New York members to join in with rescues already in progress. The New York Center for Animal Care and Control has already launched a rescue program. New York shelter residence are exspected to be up in the thousands , PAWS has asked all our volunteers and activists , if possible to donate money , bags of food , blankets , toys , exc. For the cost and exspense will be overwelming for these shelters , to keep these animals. PAWS Has also asked all our New York residence and area , if possible to be a foster parent to a dog , or a few cats , at this time , to help make room for more abandoned and strayed animals.

PAWS Online Petition hits 1,000! - Sept.06.01 -

PAWS online petition with the Care of , to Stop the beagle butchers cruel experiments on beagle puppies has now hit , 1,495 ! PAWS goal was 900.

If you haven't already signed the petition , we ask that you please do , to help put an end to the killings.

Please click here for full petition , and to sign.

Sept 1 - 2 - 2001 -

PAWS had a great time at the Mount Forest fair! "We met alot of good people , and potential activists as well. We also just loved , where out table was!" Said Donna Adams jokingly about the situation. On Saturday September 2 , PAWS table at the Mount Forest fall fair , was next to the stuffed wildlife and furs table.  Which was a good thing in a way! A lot of people were interested in why we had been placed there and it caused more people who might not have stopped by our table to come over and investigate.
PAWS is greatful to Lucky Charm ceramics in Arthur , Ontario , for donating a beautiful ceramic, which will be raffled off September 4th after the long weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out , took some information , listened for the animals , entered our draw , and made a donation , to help PAWS continue our work.

August 2001 -

PAWS Takes the VegPledge ! - 08.20.01 -

PAWS has joined EarthSave , and taken the VegPledge! PAWS will be distributing , vegpledge materials and information at most of our upcoming events. The VegPledge , is a 60 day veg trial , to show meat eaters , how great it feels to be saving lives , plus , you'll look better and feel better!

PAWS Letter to Wellington Township - 08.16.01 -

PAWS has issued a letter to the township of Wellington-North , concerning "Tiger Paws Exotics" farm , on hwy. #9 , just outside of Arthur Ontario. The letter is asking that the township look into the conditions of the farm ,and the welfare of the animals. Animals such as llamas , alpacas , ponies and zebra , (just to name a few) are currently residence there. There are hazards , such as scrap metal , and pieces of cars , as well as no proper fencing , or shading for the animals.

PAWS letter to the editor - 08.15.01
UPDATE: Despite PAWS efforts and that of the local community the trees were in fact cut down and will not be replaced.

PAWS recent letter to the Arthur Enterprise , is asking that the trees slated for chopping at the end of Conestoga St. , Be either re-planted , or spared. Considering both the animals , as well as the peoples loss , if the trees are cut down.

July 2001

PAWS Rodeo Response -

In a recent letter to the editor , Dodge rodeo president Ross Millar stated that when PAWS board members , Donna Adams , and Tabitha Johnstone , had met with him , they ' agreed their animals were in good condition, and well taken care of', which were false statments. PAWS has issued a letter to the editor of the Artuhur Enterprise, correcting this , and thanking the people who listened to the animals , and bucked the rodeo this year.
 "I truly feel that in the next couple of years , theres going to be a big change , with the way most people feel about rodeo's." Said President Donna Adams.

Save the Lobsters ! -

PAWS is asking that we start to see the cruelty of eating lobsters - who are boiled alive! On July 16th PAWS will be at a lobster fest in Orangeville Ont. Hopeing that people stop and think about who their eating.

June 2001 -

PAWS letter to Arthur Chrysler -
UPDATE: Arthur Chrysler did not respond to PAWS letter and continued their sponsorship of the Dodge Rodeo that took place in July.

PAWS has wrote a letter to Arthur Chrysler asking them to withdrawl their sponsorship of the upcoming Dodge rodeo tour which will be in Arthur the weekend of July 1st. Rodeo animals suffer from smashed spines , broken bones , and servere blood loss among other things.  

PAWS Letter to the Editor -

PAWS has sent a letter to the Arthur Enterprise , urging the community to choose to buck the rodeo this season. "All that we are asking is that this year when you go to the rodeo , and your sitting enjoying the show , that you take minute to look and think about the animals. Look at them closely , I mean really closely. Because if you look close enough you will see their tears fall silently as they prepare for the worst." said Donna Adams addressing the local community in her letter to the editor.

PAWS joins HelpHorses in the fight to end Horse Slaughter in Canada -

PAWS has joined HelpHorses to aid in the fight against horse slaughter in Canada. Thousands of horses are slaughtered each year , all cruely abused and raised to die. PAWS has petitions from HelpHorses , which are fastly filling with signatures.

PAWS Goes 'Behind' the Rodeo - 30th

PAWS met with Dodge rodeo president Ross Millar , and saw first hand the animals used in the rodeo, and met the organizers and some of the cowboys themselves. Despite their vast efforts to explain how good the animals were treated during 'transport' and that they like their animals , PAWS did not leave the rodeo , feeling any diffrently than before they went. The animals were sad , and grief stricken and some went without water or shade. They even went as far as stating that "these bulls are from Mexico, they don't feel pain." As a joke. There is nothing funny about the way animals are treated and used during rodeo performances designed to entertain the public. Animals in rodeo's suffer broken legs, torn ligaments, and a wide aray of life threatening injuries often resulting in death.
Rodeo's are a cruel 'sport' , that must be put to an end.