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"Vegan ........ It's the only way."
by Donna Adams
It's hard to believe that people disagree with vegans in their choice of life. But yet agree that things need to be done , to stop pollution , world hunger and some even agree with stopping animal suffering , but still say vegan is crazy.
If crazy is , doing all of those things , than hey maybe vegans all around the world , are crazy , crazy with compassion.
Today's factory farms use everything but the moo and oinks. In the process, they leave behind an environmental toll that generations to come will be forced to pay for. Raising animals for food requires more than half the water used in the United States alone  and is the biggest polluter of our water and topsoil.  
Animals are treated as machines - and nothing more on todays factory farms. Working long , hard , days , sitting in their small crates for endless hours , in between beatings. I have over time , showed PETA's pig farm video , repeatedly , and every time I hear "Their not really treated that way." The video is an undercover video , the workers had no idea that they were being taped. The fact that working in a place such as a pig farm , does take away all your respect for animals because they are machines , they are objects and food , as well as the fact that not very many people spend all day on a factory farm.
It has been proven that a strict vegan diet can prevent , stroke , obesity , breast cancer , colon cancer , diabetes arthritis , and food poisoning Vegans are also  40 percent less likely to die of cancer , and almost written off the stroke concern list. It's also been proven that a vegan diet can reverse heart disease! As well as help fight cancer , and diabeties.
World hunger can almost be outlawed , since our land will be going to growing food - not feed for the endless amounts of animals we have populated to kill.
So it is proven that veganisim , can save your life , does save animals , and will help protect the enviroment , and not destroy it completely  , for future generations.
The only way to do help the earth , yourself , and the animals - is to go vegan. There is no other way  , that you will make such a great difference and impact.
So are vegans crazy , or are we just smart?
I can say this - I'm vegan , and proud.