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Sept 2001 -

Saturday September 1st - Mount Forest , Ontario. (Fair Grounds)
PAWS Information Table.

Arthur Ontario. (Fair grounds)
PAWS Information table.

Toronto Vegetarian Fest - 9-15

Mount Forest Fall Fair - PAWS information table

Break the silence info night - Mount Forest , Ont.

October 2001 -

World Farm Animals Day - 2and

Art 4 Paws

Information table at Arthur Library

Veg Now ! - Save turkeys from Thanksgiving protest

Fergus Ont. , Orangeville Ont.

November 2001 -

March Of Dimes protest - Mount Forest , Ont.

Fur Free Friday - 23

Ban Fur Fest 10 - 28

Note : Watch our media center , for short notice events , such as protests , rallies , or urgent meetings.

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