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There are many ways you can get involved and join Project-Safe in the fight against companion animal cruelty , abuse , and abandonment.
Adopt ! One of Project-Safe's feature animals and give an animal that chance at life he was born to have.
Donate! And help the animals in the Program , shelters in need of assisstance ,  spay and neuter ferals and bring justice to abusers of animals. Theres two ways to donate :
1) Donate through CIA's Secure Online Server by clicking here.
2) Or Donate via postal mail. Please mail your cheques or money orders to :
Compassion In Action
P.O Box 990
Mount Forest , ON
(In CND funds only please)
Volunteer! Your time , or your home to an unwanted animal. For more information on foster care , click here. If you whould like to donate your services please send us an email at - or give us a call at 519-323-9093/
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