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Compassion In Action International (CIAI)  is a non-profit organization , actively acting for the protection of all animals. It is our goal to help rescue , save and protect animals from cruelty , abuse , and abandonment. CIAI works through strong rescue programs , with shelters and sanctuaries , as well as rescue vehicles and emergency care , through education ,  one of a kind campaigns , special programs and projects , and many other active and voiced ways on behalf of animals. A large part of CIAI's work lies in grassroots activisim and adovocacy , as well as networking with other organizations and being of help whenever and wherever we possibly can. CIAI fights for the protection of all animals , as well as their habitats and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle and humane education. Some of CIAI's current campaigns are on behalf of carraige horses , and Romanian street dogs , as well as actively working to set up , Beverley's Fund , to help support Humane cancer research , and it's goals. CIAI also hosts an agressive spay/neuter campaign , as well as an adoption and foster care program which rescues strays and victims of pound seizure and dogs and cats on their way to euthanazia. CIAI also conducts cruelty investigations , and is host to a humane education program for elementry students. CIAI works around the world promoting kindness to all animals , and their rights and protection.
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