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BANDS 2002 , a Special event to benefit CIAI , is set for August 2002. Bands will get the privlege of being heard by their fans , and seen by media and agents who have come out to see the new faces. The event is set to ROCK the Roxy Theatre in Mount Forest , On. If you band would like to join us in this event , please click here to contact us.
* July/02 - Recently the Roxy Theatre has been vandalized , causing over $200,000 in damages. This event is hoped to not interfere with Bands 2002. Crime Stoppers is on the look out , and there is a reward for any information that could lead to an arrest. We hope these events will not interfere and we hope that the culprits are brought to justice for their actions. If you have any information please contact the local police or the Roxy Theatre. Thank you for your patience.
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