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Planning on taking a trip to Andalusia , Spain? Heres a few things you can expect to see while on your trip :
Dogs being bludgeoned and beaten
Zoos that do not meet EU standards
No control for the welfare of traveling circuses
Live ponies working anywhere from eight hours a day
Little control of hunting , most species have been hunted to extinction
Mijas donkeys being forced to carry excessive loads , being tied up without shade or water and enduring regular beatings
Ritual running of the bulls
Mass Poisoning to deal with stray cats
Pet shops and breeders keeping animals in horrific conditions
Hunting dogs being hanged and abandoned
Children being taught the act of animal cruelty
Donate to CIAI's Spay of the Century in Andalusia
    There are no Animal Protection laws in Andalusia.
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Compassion In Action International
The Bright Eyes Society