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Welcome to CIAI's new home online. Our members and supporters can visit here to visit the members and living area's of this website. If your new to this site and need help getting around click here to visit our help desk.
Please Note: Our abuse database will be up and running shortly , please visit for more information.
Campaign News - Thinking of taking a trip to Andalusia? Be prepared for what you'll see. Click here to learn about this important campaign brought to you by CIAI , and The Bright Eyes Society.
Support Spay of the Century in Romania! Click here to find out how.........more
CIAI says it's time to bring horse abuse to public's attention, cruelty will not go unheard..... more
News Release - CIAI's online petition against Michal Beren's cruel experiments on beagle puppies has come to an end with an amazing , 3,279 signatures , exceeding our goal of 950..... more
Letter to the editor , chained dogs can only sit and watch as life goes by.... Vicious and angry behavior is brought about ,and serious depression. CIAI warns of the dangers and cruelty of chaining your dog......more
Whats New? - Good with your hands? Want to build CIAI a feral cat shelter , or two? Click here if your willing to put you skills to work for ferals......more
Current Alerts - "Im glad to go to jail for the life of this dog." Those are the words of Jeff Kearns who is facing time for saving an animals life.....more
Stop Premarin and Pregnant Mare Abuse , sign the online petition here. Visit CIAI's Action Center for more peitions.
News & Updates - Parliament and animal groups unite against foie gras. A determined campaign against cruel foie gras production has been driven to the heart of Israeli political discussion by animal rights activists, assisted in their publicity by essential funds from WSPA. During discussions to review legislation on the keeping and force-feeding of ducks and geese, several Members of Parliament (MPs) were outraged by video evidence collected by Israeli group Anonymous for Animal Rights (AAR), detailing the brutal methods used to produce this 'culinary delicacy'. Foie gras - literally meaning fatty liver - is the paté made from the abnormally large livers of ducks and geese that have been force-fed for up to three weeks. Israel is the world's fourth-largest producer.....more
*Please note : CIAI's website is still undergoing major construction , you may incounter broken links and not yet live area's. We apologize for the inconvience , the construction will be finished for December/02