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Turkeys Animal Control
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Stray dogs in Istanbul, Turkey are enduring immeasurable pain and suffering as they are reportedly being poisoned, shot, and buried alive by the municipal government in a misguided attempt at "animal control." Shocking footage from Turkish television (click here to view), newspaper articles (click here to read), and eyewitness accounts describe barbaric acts that often leave dogs:

Dying a slow and agonizing death from strychnine poisoning

Hiding in corners with gunshot wounds

Buried alive with other conscious dogs in pits

In one case, being compacted in a garbage truck while still alive.

It goes without saying that all international veterinary associations agree that burying animals alive and distributing poisoned meat as a means of animal control are hideously cruel. Such methods result in immense pain and prolonged suffering lasting for hours, sometimes days, and often affect animals who are not the intended "targets." As poisoned animals endure excruciating deaths, they may be eaten by other animals who are, in turn, poisoned, resulting in even more suffering. Shooting, especially at long distances, is also a dangerous and unreliable method of killing animals because it frequently fails to achieve instantaneous unconsciousness and results in unnecessary animal suffering. Professional and humane associations agree that sodium pentobarbital injection, when performed by caring, well-trained people, is the kindest and most respectful method of killing animals and the only truly humane form of animal control.