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Horse Racing


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Around 800 racehorses die eachyear from fatal injuries suffered on U.S and Canada racetracks. An additional number of approximent 3,566 , sustain injuries so bad , that they cannot finish their races. Several breeding and horse handling abuses contribute to the great risk of death and injury that horses face.

Due to selective genetic pairing and breeding, many horses are born with fragile bodies to begin with. Selective breeding does not provide the gene pool deverese enough genetics. Because jokeys race horses year round , on hard tracks ,which give less , and therefor harder on a horses joints and bones , horses incur greater injury risks. Large coroperate breeders race their "investiments" too , often in pursuit of profit.

To keep horses racing through pain , handlers administer Lasix and Bute. These pain relivers , numb pain, but do not treat the injuries that cause pain. Horses that suffer severe injuries as a result of drug induced racing get sold to slaughterhouses, and more profitable venture for breeders than euthanization. These horses suffer long cramped rides to the slaughterhouse without pain killers, in unfit trailers. handlers also use Lasix to make the presence of illegal substances , such as steriods.

A horse that fails to win , also faces death in a slaughterhouse , where opertators sell the horses flesh overseas for human consumption, or provide horse meat to glue factories.

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