Dog Fighting


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The practice of dog fighting occurs in a controlled enviroment, for a private audience , whos members wage bets on the outcome of the fights. The dogs used in battle are bred to fight , or in many cases , stolden and trained to be aggressive. Participating animals , are beaten and denied food , so that they can adopt a mentality of viciousness , and they are often trained with stray cats , and sometimes only fed small dogs , so they become accustomed to the taste of dog flesh.

Dog fighting has been outlawed in many states , but continues to be one of the leading forms of animal abuse today.

Baited with live animals , deprived of food , water and sunlight , the dogs are beaten , and battered , in order to turn them into "fighting dogs."

The winner of the fight , is the dog that kills the other one. Once one of the dogs is dead , money is won , and money is lost , at the cost of death.