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Bull Fights


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Animals In Entertaiment .....

The truth is , animals used for bull fights , are naturally gental , calm , animals , contrary to what bullfighter promoters say. For a number of hours prior to the fight , the bull is held in a tiny isolation cell , deprived of food , water , light , and the company of his heard. This confusess and panics the bull , and debilitates him physically and mentally. Just before entering the bull ring , he is harpooned. He begins the fight for his life , already wounded and bleeding. "The fight is fixed."

The rider than , repeatedly slams his spear into the bulls back and shoulders , ripping and tearing the muscles and tendons that would allow the bull to defend himself , and causing severe blood loss.

Hardly the brave men , they are protrayed to be in bull fighting properganda , bullfighters wait until the animal is serverly crippled , before they fight , not giving the animal any chance to fight back.

Bullfighting is a shame , and unlike some a form of animal abuse , that cannot be hidden.

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