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Stop the Running of the Bulls!

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Your help is needed now , to stop the proposed running of the bulls , in Arthur ,Ontario. Please tell council that there is no reason to use animal suffering for entertaiment , and as a community we should seperate ourselves from these cruel acts , and rise above animal mistreatment.

Use the form above , to send your letter to the Arthur council right now!


The owners of a bar in Honolulu , called Blue Tropix are keeping three sqirrel monkeys in a glass cage to attract customers. The exhibit has been condemed by the Humane Society , the Honolulu zoo , and even restraunt reviewers. Monkeys are not props.

Please write a letter and request that the animals be taken out at once , and be sent off to a sanctuary where they can live out the remained of their lives in an enviroment that closely resembles their natural habitat.

Write :

Darren Tsuchiya
Steven Tsuchiya
Blue Tropix
98-718 Moanalua Rd. #334
Pear City , HI 96782-3115

- Mastercard Marketing Circus Cruelty

- Urge Prosecution of elephant smuggler

- Ask Elks to ban circus fundraisers

Get Tiger Paws Exotics - To clean up! -

If you have driven down hwy #9 , just outside of Orangeville Ontario , Than you have seen Tiger paw exotics , a farm that is residence to 3 zebras , ponies , alpacas , and llamas , just to name a few.

To see from the road , you can clearly see : The animals do not have proper shade , food , water , or a comfy place to lie down , there is no proper fencing , and there is also dangers to the animals , such as old cars , sheets of metal and other junk pieces.

Please write your letters to the township asking that , Tiger paw , be investigated , and forced to upgrade their animals living conditions and treatment.

Please Email us for more information , how to get involved , and to tell us about your actions for the animals!