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Welcome to PAWS rescue center. Here you will find information on current abuse cases , information on adopting a new pet , spay/neutering , animal care , as well as current projects , and campaigns.
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In our adoption section , you can view select pets
up for adoption at animal shelters world wide , and at
PAWS rescue. You can also look through our list of world wide
animal shelters , that we support , so that you can find a shelter in
your area , and see what animals are patiently awaiting a loving home.In this section you will also find our Last Chance adoption alerts. These
animals are on death row , at pounds , and will be hopeless ,
unless a home can be found in time. You can help save one of these animals through adoption , or the Sabastions Hope Foundation.
Abuse & Cruelty
Here you'll find information on our Precious Tears animal
abuse campaign , current cases , and how to report abuse.
>>PAWS Precious Tears campaign , is to educate , liberate , and
help find justice for animals who's lives and souls have been crushed
due to animal cruelty.
>>Click here to report a case of cruelty to PAWS
>>Click here to find out how to spot abuse ,
and how to protect your pets.
Current Projects
>>Wildlife Patrol
>>Pet Housing Project
>>Find Rescue Return Missing Pets Program
>>Sabastions Hope Foundation
>>Precious Tears
>>Protect your Pets
>>Prevent A stray
>>Feral Cat Program
>>Art 4 PAWS
PAWS Rescue investigations range from companion
animal cruelty to wildlife abuse , and farm animal neglect
and mistreatment.
>> Read about past Investigations
Campaigns & General Information
>> Adopting an Angel , infomation on choosing the right pet for you.-
>>Humane Flea Control for your pets- Spray/neuter info
>>Pet traveling tips- Choosing the right Vet for your pet
>> Driving safely with pets- Responsible Rabbit Ownership
>> The Pet Store Secrets >> Puppy Mill Nightmare-
>>What's wrong with breeding?
>> Boarding Your pet? Inspection checklist-
>>Vegetarian cats & dogs
>> Teaching Kindness to Kids
>> What to do if you spot cruelty
>>Living in Harmony with Wildlife
>> Bat Conservation
>> Bear Patrol
>> Deer control - killing is not the answer
>> Save our trees!
>> Habitat conservation
>> Shelter Directory
>> Adoptable Animals
>>The profile of an animal abuser
>> Free to a good home?
>> Upcoming Rescue Events
Help save Little Shelter -
Little Shelter , run out of New York , needs your help to keep their doors open to their hundreds of animals , please click here to make a donation to help.