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PAWS / People for Animal Welfare & Safety

Your help is needed now , to stop the purposed running of the bulls in Arthur , Ontario!!

- Click here to read PAWS letter to council

-Click here for more!

-Click here to view PAWS "Hoof it" flyer

-PAWS News Center Up and Running

-Egypt kills Chimp , and Gorilla

- Killed and Mutilated Cows Discovered in Montana

-PAWS Denies Don't Spray it's support

On September 6 , PAWS rescue brought 4 new members to our team ! Four tiny kittens (Venice , Joaquin , Baja and Lucious) are all resting , and enjoying the pampering they are now reciving under PAWS care.

-Turkeys more important...

-Iams , the suffering behind the science

-HLS shuts down SHAC's website!


- PAWS Abuse website up and running

-How many killed by meat in '99?

-Diabetes and Veganisim

- Humane flea control for your pets

Save a Turkey this thanksgiving

Watch for PAWS Factory farm mobile!!

Click here to see the new addition to Mount Forest , Ontario's animal abuse

Take the VegPledge!

People who are violent to animals , rarely stop there


World Farm Animals Day / Click Here

PURRfect Presents

click here

Join PAWS team

Click here to visit the , A site voted #1 by PAWS activists!

-NOTE- This website is no longer being updated as PAWS-Online will be moving the end of November. A new website is under production. Please contact us for further information. And a redirection will be placed as soon as paws org site is up and running.

Sorry for the inconvience! Thanks for your patience and your support!