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About Us

People for Animal Welfare & Safety (PAWS) Is a non-profit animal rights organization. PAWS is an International organization with members across Canada , the U.S , England , Australia , and around the world. Through intensive campaigns , eye catching materials , one of a kind education efforts , public awarness and investigations , PAWS works to stop animals suffering and abuse , wherever it occurs. As a fairly new organization , we have already , made public awarness about rodeo and circus cruelty , rescued , adopted and ensured the safety of numerous animals , helped more people make the deicision to change to a cruelty free , vegan lifestlye , and brought peoples attention to the high amount of animal suffering. PAWS goal , is to finally break the animals silence , and open peoples eyes to their pain. For it is "through the soul of animals , that came the soul of man."

PAWS works rapidly with other animal rights and welfare organizations such as : PETA , Farm Sanctuary , IFAW (International Fund for animal Welfare) , Last chance for animals , and others.


PAWS has many programs including , F.R.R , our missing pets program , our upcoming 'Pets 4 life' adoption program , and many other educational programs , to help stop animal cruelty and raise awarness.


PAWS has many campaigns , our largest working on the four major areas of animal suffering , in the food industry , the fashion industry , in the lab , and in entertainment. PAWS also has many other campaigns ranging from companion animal care , and abuse , to dissection and getting youth involved with helping animals.