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Find.Rescue.Return - PAWS Missing Pets Program

PAWS F.R.R Program is a neighborhood watch program for your pets. Helping you understand how easy it is to get a stolden , or missing pet , how to keep your pet safe , and working with the community to find missing and lost pets.

There is three sections of F.R.R : 1. Missing Pets 2. Stolden Pets 3. Neighbourhood watch program.

1) Missing Pets

Hundreds of pets go missing from their homes every single day. Did they get lost ? Were they taken? You can't be sure , all you know is that you miss your pet , and want him home and safe. This is how PAWS F.R.R works :

1) Contact PAWS to list your pet as missing ; send us a discription and picture if possible.
2) PAWS will list your pet on our website
3) PAWS will also list your pet on our community F.R.R board
4) PAWS will check with local Humane societies , exc. To make sure your pet hasnt been picked up.
5) PAWS rescue will be alerted of your pets identity
6) PAWS will send you information on ways to keep your pets safe , from going missing.

Since F.R.R is a new program , the effective rate is unknown , but PAWS will do everything possible , to ensure the safety of the missing animal. If , and when the animal is found :

1) PAWS will contact you immedently and state whos custody the animal is in at the current time.
2) You will be requested to come pick up the animal
3) PAWS will have a vet appointment booked for you , at the local clinic , to check the health and well-being of the animal.

To list your missing pet with F.R.R - Call us at our rescue # 323 - 9805 or email us @

2) Stolden Pets

When stolden pets arrive , it is an emergency , for the animals life could be in greater danger , than a missing animal , because the kidnapper could be someone bought off by a lab , to get subjects , or an animal abuser looking for victims. To register your pet as stolden with F.R.R , you must be 100% sure that is the case. When registering a stolden pet with F.R.R :

1) PAWS will contact local humane socities , exc. To notify them , in case the animal comes in.
2) PAWS will list the animal as stolden on the web ,
as well as on our community F.R.R board.
3) PAWS will contact local authorities , to notify them of the stolden animal , in case their aid is needed.

When registering a stolden pet , we will need a description of the animal , and a picture if possible. If possible an idea of who you think might have taken the animal , as well as a discription.

3) Neighbourhood Watch System

The F.R.R Neighbourhood watch system , is simple. Almost the same as neighbourhood watch for children. Neighbours can keep an eye on eachothers pets , when ones not home , and notify the animals gaurdians of any strange activity around their house , when they have been away. PAWS offers a neighbourhood watch window decal , as well as brochure , on how to protect your pets.

Also there will be notifications on the F.R.R page , if there is a high amount of missing , or stolden pets in your area.

F.R.R is a free service by PAWS , but your donations are greatly appreciated. Here's how you can get involved :

*Sponsor a F.R.R community board in your area.

*Be a F.R.R neighbourhood watch member.

*Be a F.R.R neighbourhood watch local contact.

*Volunteer your time , making phone calls , and spreading the word about missing and stolden pets in the area.

Be an F.R.R Sponsor

Buisnesses and organizations can sponsor F.R.R , by having a F.R.R board in their office or store , or by having our neighbourhood watch stickers and brochures.

Click here to get involved

Click here to register a missing or stolden pet.

Put this graphic on your webpage to show your support of PAWS and F.R.R

* If you have a website , put this graphic on your website , to show your support of PAWS and our F.R.R program.

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