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Tyson lost his life , because of his growls. Hundreds of dogs are put to sleep every single day , because of their barks , not necissarly because of their bites. When a dog attacks , a human or another animal , theres usually a reason behind it , it's time we start to give that animal a little time , so we can look. Preventing dog bites , before they happen is the solution , but also keeping healthy pets. Canine distemper , is hard to notice , but can take over fast.

Protect your dog from the bark & the bite :

1) If your dog is not sociable , make sure he is safely in another room , or in a fenced in area , whenever company comes calling.
2) Introduce your dog to new people , as much as possible , so that new scents and faces , wont startle him.
3) Introduce your dog to other dogs , so hes used to have them around , and knows how to behave.
4) If your dog shows any tension towards a certain person , make sure the dog stays a good distance at all times.
5) Dont let your dog run wild , have a fenced in area (not a chain) for your dog to roam in , with a solid doghouse and fresh water at all times.
6) Do not leave your dog unattended for long periods of time.
7) Monitor your dogs personality , some dogs are uncomfortable around children , if he shows any signs , keep him at a distance from them.
8) Dont neglect your dog , a dog that doesnt get alot of attention , is more likely to stray , and become angered.
9) Have a sticker , in your front window , warning visitors that you have a dog.

Protect your dog from distemper :

1) Keep your dogs shots up to date.
2) Have regular check ups with your vet.
3) Watch for any changes in his personality , or increased vomiting , or tiredness. (Notify your vet right away , if any signs persisit.)

Please contact PAWS or your local veterinary clinic , for more information on canine distemper.

Tysons days were numbered ,and there was no second chance. Thousands of people commit crimes everyday , murder , rape , abuse , they do their time , and then are set free into the world , to repeat their crimes if they wish. But Tyson , was put to death , with no second chance. Everything in this world is about how superior we are to animals ; but yet that makes it okay , for us to get away with murder , and them to die for their growls? Tyson may be gone , but he will be remembered forever. His story never forgotten. It would be Tysons last request that no other dogs , follow his footsteps and loose their lives , without a fair chance. It's time we stop and give them, that chance , because we may be superior to them , but we do not own them.

Remember Tyson.

There are not our property. IDA Banner