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PAWS School Awareness Program

Sept 5th/01 - Tysons name must be remembered -

People for Animal Welfare & Safety (PAWS) were sadened by the recent letter to the Arthur Enterprise , from a Arthur resident , who is fear of loosing his dogs , to an angry neighbour. Tyson , a young mix breed , lost his life this past April , becuase of his growls. "I think it was not about his temper , more so the fact that both neighbours had diffrences , and the dog was an easy way to make a statment." Said PAWS president Donna Adams. "We have been dealing with cases like his all over the world , in Texas , New Jersey , London , and now back to Arthur." PAWS actions are under way , as well as bringing their Remember Tyson campaign to Arthur , in hopes that things can be stopped , before anything gets started.

PETA Drops effort to erect shark-revenge billboard......

PENSCOLA , Fla. - Norfolk based , People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals , has dropped it's attempt to put up a billboard here with a not so veiled refrence to a shark attack on an 8 year old boy near , Pensocola.

- Schools struggle to meet veggies needs.....

September 3rd/01 - Associated Press - Washington , what does a kid have to do to get a decent veggie burger?? - Lots if it's lunchtime at school.

- No Free Speech for animal rights web site!

August 31st/01 - The EnviroLink network , has been forced to take animal rights activist group , Stop Huntington Life sciences , website of their server , because of legal arguments.

- Paul tells children - NOT MILK!

September 3rd/01 - Paul McCartney is asking school kids across Britan to please , please him , oh yeah , and stop drinking milk. The ex Beatle is backing the campaign of an animal rights group to picket schools and tell them that , milk will make them "fat and spotty [pimply]."

- Days might be numbered for pooch on death row...

If he could talk , he probably would have something to say. Word , an 11yr old Lhasa apso at the center of an eight year legal battle , may not have much longer to live.

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